Getting Started

This tutorial assumes that you know the basics of the C#, Unity game development and already have created Unity project.


First of all, download latest release asset package from our official github. After that import package in Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package. When importing is done, you can open /TonConnect/Scenes/TonSDK.Connect.Example scene and find basic implementation of scene with Ton Connect support.


Next you will need to setup the config of Ton Connect on TonConnect_Core game object:

  • Use Web Wallets (only working in WebGL build) - set it to true if you want to use web wallets in game. If build isnt WebGL, it will automatically set to false.

  • Restore Connection On Awake - set to true if you want to load last saved connection on game start. It will find is it possible to restore last connection and load it.

  • Manifest URL - paste here your manifest url, basic manifest must be in json format, and stored in other site or filesystem with SSL domain access, below you can find example of manifest:

  "url": "", // site of your application, in non webgl build use any
  "name": "Project Name", // project name, will be displayed in wallet 
  "iconUrl": "" // project logo, will be displayed in wallet 

Create production build

In WebGL builds, you must choose TC_Minimal template, to make tonconnect working in your browser game. This template contains important tools to make this package work in WebGL build.

Make sure that you disable Strip Engine Code and set Managed Stripping Level to Minimal. Otherwise it wont work correctly in WebGL builds.

In other cases you can build your game like in any time, and it will work in all unity builds.

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