Coins is special class to work with financial assets in Ton Blockchain.

To create Coins instance you can use class constructor and set different supported value types:

Coins coins1 = new Coins(10);
Coins coins2 = new Coins(10.5);
Coins coins3 = new Coins(10.5f);
Coins coins4 = new Coins(10.5d);
Coins coins5 = new Coins("10.5");
Coins coins6 = new Coins("10,5");

You can create Coins instance from nano coins value with CoinsOptions in class Constructor or using Coins.FromNano()method:

int decimals = 9; // coins decimals

Coins coinsFromNano = new Coins(20_555_000_000, new CoinsOptions(true, decimals));
Coins coinsFromNano2 = Coins.FromNano(20_555_000_000, decimals);

/* both instance values are equal */

To convert value to nano coins value, you can use toNano() method:

string coinsNanoStr = new Coins("10.23").ToNano(); // "10230000000"

For now, TonSdk.Net supports arithmetical operations through coins methods, for example:

Coins addCoins = new Coins("10").Add(new Coins(10)); // 20
Coins subCoins = new Coins("10").Sub(new Coins(10)); // 0
Coins divCoins = new Coins("10").Div(2.5); // 4
Coins mulCoins = new Coins("10").Mul(2); // 20

// also you can use mutation variant, like
Coins firstCoins = new Coins(10);
firstCoins.Add(new Coins(10); // 20

Remember, if you will try to do arithmetical operations using Coins with different decimal value, it will throw an Exception.

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