Mnemonic is a class that is used to work with mnemonic phrases for accouns in Ton blockchain.

To create new mnemonic, use the following code:

// this will generate new mnemonic
Mnemonic mnemonic1 = new Mnemonic();

// also you can pass the words directly to constructor
string[] words = /* your words */;
Mnemonic mnemonic2 = new Mnemonic(words);

Note, that mnemonic in Ton Blockchain must contain 24 bip39 words.

Each mnemonic contains Words, Seed and Keys fields.

Mnemonic mnemonic = new Mnemonic();

string[] words = mnemonic.Words;
byte[] seed = mnemonic.Seed;
KeyPair keys = mnemonic.Keys;

For different situations you can direclty call methods and generate separate parts:

string[] words = Mnemonic.GenerateWords();
byte[] seed = Mnemonic.GenerateSeed(words);
KeyPair keys = Mnemonic.GenerateKeyPair(seed);

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